Built-in onboard, organic SEO, your website is well-optimized. Everything you need to be indexed and ranked well on search engines.

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Onboard / Organic SEO

My custom theme is specifically designed with concentrated, built-in onboard SEO that ensures that your website is well-optimized, using every skilled technique available. This core build is built to give you everything you need to be found well on search engines.

What is Onboard SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Onboard SEO is SEO that is built into your actual website coding and content and that does not extend beyond your website.

It decides how well your website domain and pages are indexed on search engines, namely Google, and how well your website is ranked when users use keywords and phrases to search for websites like yours.

Why onboard SEO?

It’s crucial to being found in Organic Searches
There are many aspects of SEO, but it is crucial to always start your SEO with Onboard SEO. Also known as Oganic SEO. If your website is not showing up well when people search on Google, what is the point of it, unless you don’t want to be found.

Onboard SEO is where it starts, before Adwords, before Social Media Campaigns, before anything.

It structures your information for the internet correctly
Onboard SEO not only controls how well you show up in searches, but it also controls very important meta information about your website that will structure the output of your information correctly in all different aspects of the internet. It is the crucial foundation that the internet uses to index you, structure you and then show your information. It is a step that cannot be missed.

What does an Onboard SEO Campaign involve?

There are 3 main aspects of an Onboard SEO Campaign that are highly simplified in the follow points:

  1. The SEO Keywords
    A list of keywords and key-phrases that are carefully compiled, worked over, tested online, compared against ranking, positioning and results which then produces a final list that is used strategically throughout the website.
  2. Search Results Indexing and Ranking
    Having relevant content is essential, but also wrapping that content in the correct tags is even more essential. Starting with a theme that already has an SEO-friendly foundation built into it’s meta and tags, is crucial to get the best ranking, structure and indexing from Search Engines for your content.
  3. Testing & Tweaking Over Time
    An initial big Onboard SEO campaign is completed, but then feedback from searches and indexing is required to see how it performed. Small changes and tweaks are done from this feedback, usually over a period of at least 6 months, but it should be an ongoing campaign for best results.

How long does it take Onboard SEO to show results

There are 2 different aspects to this answer:

  1. New domain, new website
    It can take anywhere between 6 months to a year for organic SEO to kick in and be indexed by Google and other search engines. The search bots progressively search your website’s content over weeks and months and if they find that your onboard SEO and content fits the criteria for the keywords your user is searching for, it will begin to raise your indexed position.

    Don’t get confused with Google Adwords, this is something you have to pay for and gives you instant results in the sponsored section of searches, as long as you are paying for it, and is not the same as Organic SEO.

  2. Old domain, new website
    If your domain name has been around for a while with a website on it and robots allowing indexing, then chances are you are already indexed on Google. The longer your website has been around, the stronger the ranking will be, often even if the onboard SEO campaign is so-so.

    When the Onboard SEO is redone and improved on these websites, changes to the SEO will be seen within a week to a few weeks.

Once Organic SEO has been done on my website, can I just leave it to work?

Yes and no.

You could just allow the initial onboard SEO to let your website find it’s place in indexing,, but if you take one step further you will greatly improve that initial ranking by taking a look at your ranking, and then tweaking it.

I did an Online SEO Test, and my website failed

I really don’t like these generic tests, or spam emails that make tremendous claims to scare you, just punch in a couple of keywords into a Google Search (use a location for eg Westville if your location for your browser is switched off) and see where you are ranked in that search. So to find this website, put in ‘website design westville’.

That is one of the main things we are aiming for with Onboard SEO, is to show up well in searches for your chosen keyword phrases, because then users will also be able to find you.

Google Webmaster Tools or Search Console is also a fantastic resource that shows true results.

Will rebuilding my website affect my Onboard SEO?

Yes, it absolutely will, however, if it is done right and we work with search engines to minimize the impact of the change, the Organic SEO should actually improve after the website is rebuilt.