A compilation of the most frequently asked questions surrounding website design, development and related web issues.

Let the first website build be the right website build


A compilation of the most frequently asked questions.

I work 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and can be contact via phone call, whatsapp call, message or email. I am generally not available outside these hours, except for emergencies only.

I do not work on South African holidays unless my client is from another country.

The relationship with your current developer may have failed for various reasons and you may need to move on. If this is the case, I will need to discuss how far along your project is, what platform and add ons are being used, who your hosts are and if it is a good fit.

It is difficult to create a really professional website on a tight budget, you really do get what you pay for. Consider investing your money into quality time spent on getting your website right the first time so that you don’t need to do it again.

However, I do provide options to build a website over a longer period of time with monthly installments.

There are various reasons why a website may experience issues. These could include slow loading times, errors, dashboard access problems, navigation issues, lack of mobile-friendliness, or errors on different browsers. It’s important to keep in mind that websites can encounter a multitude of problems, and it may take some time to diagnose the issue and determine if it can be resolved through troubleshooting or if a rebuild is necessary. Once I have thoroughly assessed the situation, I can provide a report and perhaps some recommendations.

What is a domain and hosting?
I find that most customers do not know what a domain is or what hosting is. Both are crucial to your website. Your domain is the actual name eg: www.mydomain.co.za and your hosting is the server that your domain and all the website files sit on so that your website can be viewed on the internet.

Cost of domains and hosting :
Domains are paid for yearly, a .co.za domain is just under R100. Your hosting for a normal company website shouldn’t cost more than R100 per month and will include emails.

Domains and hosting can be transferred to a new hosting company, but this is not always necessary, it depends on your current setup. You can usually figure out who your domain or hosting company is when you look at who you have been paying monthly. Sometimes you may be paying a developer who manages your domain and hosting.

Assistance with domains and hosting
I can assist you with your domain and hosting. As I am not the owner of your setup, I will need permission as a 3rd party to assist as per the POPI act, but I can assist you with technical jargon, help you with emails and chat to the relevant personnel in order to make the job easier for you.

Yes, there is a projects menu link on this website that showcases projects I have worked on recently.

While I do not specialize in social media marketing, I am more than happy to provide guidance on where to start and assist with getting your small business up and running. My expertise lies in web development, and it is important to note that website development and social media marketing are two separate careers.

I track all my time on tasks I do for each project and submit a timesheet at the end of the project with the invoice. The timesheet will reflect the actual worked hours and the tasks related to those hours. I try to be descriptive without being exhaustive.

I find it helpful for all parties involved to see where the time was allocated to. Creating a timesheet also helps to cost a project.

Emails are hosted by your hosting company or a company that specifically hosts emails, and they are aboslutely the best people to offer you support if anything goes wrong with your emails. It is tempting to contact me when your emails are down, but it will be far more efficient and helpful to contact whoever hosts your emails directly. I can offer technical advice and assistance if you need it though.