A compilation of the most frequently asked questions surrounding website design, development and related web issues.


The most common and frequently asked questions I get from clients.

My budget is low

It is difficult to create a really professional website on a tight budget, you really do get what you pay for. Consider investing your money into quality time spent on getting your website right the first time so that you don’t need to do it again.

However, I do provide options to build a website over a longer period of time with monthly installments.

How does your payment work?

My hourly rate is R500 per hour.

There are 2 main ways that I work out project payments:

  1. You can purchase a Block of Time
    Often, you just need a few things sorted, a bit of maintenance, or a theme rebuilt onto an existing WordPress install, for example. In those cases, buying a block of time really works.For new customers, it provides a safe parameter for us to start working together.
  2. A Quote
    If you have a full Website Project that you want to build, for example, building a new or existing website, then a full quotation can be provided. This quotation will be based on an amount of hours. A deposit of half the full amount is required to start. The remainder to be paid once the project is completed.

    Sometimes the project can take less or more hours than what I quoted, I try my best to get this right. Before a project is going to go over hours, I will definitely keep you in the loop as to why and we can look at options before it happens so that you can completely control your budget.

Tracking Time
I keep track of all my time with descriptions for each task that I spend time on so that you know exactly where the time that you paid for went.

Can I see a portfolio of your projects?

Yes, there is a Website Projects menu link on this website that showcases projects I have worked on recently.

My existing website has issues, can you help?

There are various reasons why a website may experience issues, and often a review needs to be done where I take a look at the website, the server, the theme etc and give feedback so that you know what is going on.

After that review, we can figure out what can be done next.

Do you take care of all my Domain, Hosting and Emails?

I am not a host and do not have their skill or knowledge, Hosting Companies and Web Developers are two sides of the same coin. I can help you to navigate the hosting process by explaining their jargon and helping in general and even chatting to the hosts. Since I am not the account holder, I will not have rights to make decisions, but can help you to understand alot of it and get those decisions made.

Do you also do my Social Media?

As hosting above, Web Developers and Social Media Marketers are 2 sides of the same coin, they are, and should be, 2 specialised fields in their own right, and so Web Developers and Social Media Marketers work together on a project concentrating on their specialty field.

What is the difference between Web Development and Social Media Marketing?

Web Developers are generally technical and website-centric, Social Media Marketers and other external marketers are mainly social in nature. You could say Web Developers are mainly the introverts and Social Media Marketers are the extraverts.

All Web Developers need to be UX designers as well as technical builders/coders  (or at least aware of both if there is a team of frontend and backend developers). The website design and the backend needs to be built. It needs to be technical so APIs and all the coding is all sorted. It also needs to be a user’s paradise that helps you reel in new customers, or whatever your goal is. The website itself is an excellent passive Marketing Tool with Onboard SEO.

This creates a solid foundation for the external marketing campaign, in come the ‘extroverts’. The external marketing campaign would be Social Media Marketing, for example.

I do have an excellent Social Media Marketer that I do work with. Please contact me for more details.