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Why Hello eShop Website

Online Shop Durban Ladies Fashion

Why Hello is a ladies fashion Online eShop selling ladies dresses, tops, beachwear, bags and jewellery. The main market for this eCommerce website is South Africa.

The ladies were super excited to get their eshop vision realised and we needed to work towards a starting out budget.

Creating the eShop

How the eShop works

The website is built using WooCommerce and links to a South African payment gateway. Customers can choose one or many products in various sizes or styles and add their product to the cart. The products are easy to navigate as they are in categories. Once the shopper is ready to purchase, they can easily checkout and run through the process of paying online.

Designing of the eShop 'look and feel'

The template design and images needed to have a more mature feel, as their target market is discerning, fashionable ladies say between 25 and 50. The concept has worked very well and the eshop is a great success.

Working with the shop in the WooCommerce Dashboard

The ladies have full control over adding, deleting, editing products and their images, as well as notification emails and order processing. They have access to all client details as well as a reports graph with search to keep track of all their sales weekly, monthly and yearly.

They are also able to change all the information as they like throughout their website, with a very user-friendly interface.


Team Members
Client CEO - Louise Fitzsimons & Helen Bolton
Web Development & UX Design - Wendy Janssen
Graphic Designer - Jocelyn Gray from Zenith Design

Wordpress and Development Plugins
HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Jquery, Sliding Banner, Contact Form, SEO

Photoshop, Notepad++, Filezilla, Xammp, Cpanel, Illustrator