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Upper Highway Info Directory Website

Online Business Directory Durban

The Upper Highway Info directory website is the offial website from the very popular Facebook Group, Upper highway Info. The directory helps locals to find reputable businesses in the area. The vision is to offer a safe and secure option for selecting business or tradespeople.

Building the Online Directory

Coming up with the UX build

The UHI website is a directory service. We created an admin backend where Craig can upload the listings information and put them into their categories. Every listing can be edited, deleted or made a feature listing which shows in prime spots on the website.

The visitors of the website are faced with an easy to use search bar that helps them to find what they are looking for. The listings are displayed in order of Premium first down to basic. Users are also allowed to leave a rating and a review for each listing. This helps other users to make an informed choice.

The website is fully responsive and works as well in mobile mode for visitors on the go.

SEO or Google Ranking

Premium listings also have their own page. This also helps their Google Ranking even more. The entire website is SEO'd for optimal performance on search engines, as well as for sharing on Social Media.


Team Members
Client CEO - Louise Fitzsimons & Helen Bolton
Web Development & UX Design - Wendy Janssen
Graphic Designer - Jocelyn Gray from Zenith Design

Wordpress and Development Plugins
HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Jquery, Sliding Banner, Contact Form, SEO

Photoshop, Notepad++, Filezilla, Xammp, Cpanel, Illustrator