Online Shops

It is so easy to sell your products online. You will have your own website with a custom template that has specifically been designed for you to effectively run your online store on.

You have complete control of your eshop

You will be able to login to your dashboard and have complete control of your shop, this includes adding more products, or deleting those you don't want any more, as well as managing your stock. Your online shop allows you to sell virtual products. You can group your products into categories and have different prices for different sizes / types etc. All orders will be managed by you, whether they are pending, cencelled or approved. Shipping prices, coupons, tax rates and more are availbale to you to set up the way you like.

Availability of Payment Gateways

There are many different payment gateway options, the most popular being EFT, Payfast and Paypal. If you have a favourite, we are sure we can probably set it up. This gives you and the customers options as to how you want to deal with the online payment.

Instant notifications about your store

The eshop dashboard also provides stats and reports that will keep you totally updated on your eshop's profit progress. Every time an order comes through, or san event happens on your store, you have the option to be notified by email.

Migrating your eshop to a new platform

If you have an exiting store and would like to change the platform you are using, this is a very viable possiblitly, and there are many batch programs that help me to migrate your shop easily and effectively.

My online shops are secure and easy to use. Please contact us if you would to get started building your online store with me.