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Netpay Merchant Services Website

Wordpress Website Southampton United Kingdom

Netpay are an award-winning service provider that offer a range of face to face, online and over the phone payment services. The Netpay website is a crucial information portal for potential clients as well as a means of getting in contact quickly.

The Netpay team wanted to create a website that met specific design specs and development requirements.

Building the Netpay Website

Netpay has been built on a CMS platform with a highly editable backend. As the Netpay team needed 6 full websites in total, nicknamed microsites, it was decided to create a multisite platform where all the sites could be edited from one dashboard. The Netpay Team are able to edit most of the content themselves, allowing them full control of edits and changes without being able to damage the template build.

We worked with them to build the site with crisp, high-quality graphics and images.

All the correspondence took place over email, long-distance phone calls and quite a few FB messages. Being 2 hours behind us was to our advantage giving us a head start every day. There was a tight deadline for the site that ended with a large convention, which had already been set and planned, so some long hours and attentive correspondence were put in by all of us to hit the deadline.

Website Responsivity

A large amount of Netpay clients would be accessing the site from a mobile device. We achieved responsiveness no matter the device size.
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Team Members
Client CEO - Carl Churchill
Correspondence - Nicola Hirst
Graphics and Content population helper - Steve Portwood
IT & Server Management - Lewis
Web Development & UX Design - Wendy Janssen
Design Consultant - Zane de Villiers

Wordpress and Development Plugins
HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Jquery

Photoshop, Illustrator, Notepad++, Filezilla, Xammp, Cpanel