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Moringa5000 Website Design & Development

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Moringa5000 are a proudly South African company that grow, package and resale products made from the Moringa tree.

Brian and Jenny were struck by the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 in the bible from a few loaves of bread and some fish. They were convicted to start a communal project to grow the Moringa Tree in order to create jobs and to feed the poor, whilst producing an excellent, organic and incredibly health beneficial product.

The American christian foundation, Lifestyle Christianity, founded by the evangelist Todd White, was so impressed with the humane efforts of Moringa5000 that they were instrumental in getting the project off the ground.

Today, you can find the Moringa5000 products in Dischem all over South Africa and many health shops and various boutiques.

Re-building of the Moringa5000 Website

The Moringa5000 website was sitting on a very sketchy Wordpress Install that was causing alot of problems. The template was a bought one and was proving impossible to edit any content or touch anything without the website breaking.

We backed up their database and moved all the content to a brand new, updated install of Wordpress. We then rewrote all the content with new updated styling. We redid how the main menu works as well as the UX and design of the Products and Blog pages. They wanted to keep their old template design, so we simply cleaned it up a bit.

The website now works smoothly, loads quickly and provides a much better experience for visitors. Navigation is easy and the content is simple to edit now. We also did an SEO campaign for them and look forward to their better rankings on search engines very soon. Brian and Jenny are very happy - and so are we.


Team Members
Client CEO - Brian Scott & Jennifer Scott
Correspondence and Project Management - Andre Rutishauser
Web Development & UX Design - Wendy Janssen

HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Jquery

Photoshop, Notepad++, Filezilla, Xammp, Cpanel, Visual Composer